Dr. Lenahan provides great chiropractic care. In a world where doctors spend less and less time with patients Dr. Lenahan takes the time to listen. He's excellent at taking into consideration all of the patient’s mental and physical experiences that may contribute to their current problems. He uses a very practical holistic approach. I have had the best of care and results with him.


Dr. Tom has been a life-saver to me over the years, putting me back together after various sports injuries and car accidents. His approach of combining gentle chiropractic with other healing methods is truly unique. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain anywhere in the body. He has fixed just about every part of me, and I truly miss having him nearby now that I live in Oregon!


Dr. Tom helped me recover from several back injuries and "tennis elbow" - all without surgery. He seems to meld a combination of techniques to get the job done. One time, because of a back injury, I had to be carried into his office. He missed a meeting to work on my back so that I could walk out of his office 4 hours later with my pain relieved. It did take follow-up visits to recover, but that's what it took to resolve my problem. I have recommended him to many people since and ALL report back their success stories.